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350 Skyline Drive, North Little Rock, AR

In December 2003, we moved into a new 3636 sq ft., three level home at 350 Skyline Drive in North Little Rock, AR. The house was insulated with a soy-based foam, which my research had found to be the best insulation on the market. In the summer of 2005, we were not able to cool the house, despite of having a 5 ton, 4 zoned, hi-efficiency HVAC system.

After cutting holes in the walls and ceilings, we discovered that the foam had not properly expanded. It was crusty, crumbly, and looked as though it had worm holes all through it. In the winter, the heat escaped straight through the walls. In the summer, the outside heat came inside. We discovered that the problem was an uneven and poor installation, along with an improper air mixture. The house is totally finished and it cannot be cooled. What would you do???

Thanks to Royce Lewis and Karen Walker, local HVAC contractors and resident experts in energy, I was directed to a product that totally solved my problem‚ĶSuper Therm®. After applying this ceramic coating to the exterior walls of my home, my problem was completely solved! Throughout the very, very hot summer of 2006, we experienced no problem cooling our home, even on the hottest of days.

As a result of our incredibly positive experience with Super Therm®, we started Energy Roofs and Walls, LLC and became the Arkansas distributor for Superior Products International.

Let us show you how to make your home or building not only more comfortable to live in, but also reduce your energy bills significantly.

If heat loss or gain is a problem in your home or business, call Energy Roofs & Walls, LLC today!

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