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  Residence: Georgetown Lake, AR

A letter from the homeowner Mike Patterson

To whom it may concern:

I live in a frame building with 2x4 outside walls. The outside skin of the building is metal. I was going to paint the building. Finding a paint that will stick to metal, I found, was a problem. Most paint will not stick to metal for a long period of time. I wanted a paint that would last at least 10 to 15 years. After talking to Bob McBryde, he told me that he had a paint that would last at least 15 years and that it would help insulate the building. (continued below)

Being the non beleiver of most salesmen, I decided to check out the company and the product. I called an agri/mechanic engineer in Northwest Arkansas. He knew about the type of paint I was refering to, but he did not know about the company. He told me the ceramic type of paint had a lot of insulating qualities. I got on the internet to check out the parent company, and I did not find anything negative. After talking to some other engineers I know, I decided to use the paint.

In the outside 2x4 walls I have four inches of bat insulation and six inches of bat insulation in the roof. Last year, in the summer, if it was around 90 degrees outside, the lowest that I could get the inside was about 76 degrees. I have a three-ton A/C unit. On these 90 degree days, the A/C unit did not shut off. After having the house painted with this special paint, we have the thermostat set on 73 degrees, and the A/C/ unit cycles on and off as it should. At night, it runs very little.

Also, living in a house with metal on the outside posed another problem. When it rained, it was very loud. After the painting job from Energy Roofs & Walls, the house is much quieter. This is a super good side effect.

Michael Patterson



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