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Bearden School Cafeteria

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  Michael Lanari's Kitchen & Bath Concepts


In August 2006, Michael Lanari had Energy Roofs and Walls apply Super Therm® to the rooftop of his Kitchen & Bath Concepts showroom. On that scorching August afternoon, temperatures rose to 102°. The surface temp of the rooftop without Super Therm® was recorded to be 167.5°, whereas the surface temp with Super Therm® was 105.5°. This resulted in a 6° to 7° temperature decrease in his showroom making it considerably more comfortable and putting less stress on his A/C's.

Michael writes...

What a great product! Not only did it reduce the roof temperature by over 60°, but the ambient inside temperature was reduced by 6° to 7°. This product really works! Thanks for a great job.

Michael Lanari
"The Kitchenman"

Michael Lanari Kitchen and Bath Concepts
Michael Lanari Kitchen and Bath Concepts


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