The Energy Roofs and Walls, LLC Product Line

Energy Roofs and Walls, LLC iis committed to providing unique, tough, durable, problem solving coatings. Below is a list of our brands and a breakdown of the product capabilities of the these brands.

  Super Therm ceramic coating with an R19 equivalent!
Insulation and Fire Control

Super Therm®
HPC™ Coating
HSC™ Coating
• Epoxotherm
• Omega Fire™
• iSTUCCO™ System

Corrosion Control

Rust Grip®
• Moist Metal Grip
• Lining Kote
• Enamo Grip 5000
• SP Primer

Sealants, Roofing, and Foundations

• Total Seal
• Aqua Pox
• SP Seal Coat
Super Base HS
• SP Interlock
• SP Ceramic Stucco
• iSTUCCO™ System


• SP Super Cleaner/Grafitti Cleaner


If you have any questions or comments about the performance characteristics or product specifications for any of our products, please contact us for full documentation.


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