KATV Tower Building Coated with Super Therm®

Click here to view KATV Tower Update video on the KATV website.

Monday Feb 16, 2009 7:11PM

KATV hopes to be broadcasting with full digital power by next Monday.

The video above shows our product, Super Therm®, which Energy Roofs and Walls, LLC, has applied to the exterior of the KATV control tower building. The video about the placement of the antenae for the facility shows the control building and our bright white finish, which will deflect and reflect 95% of the solar heat.  The building contains the electronic equipment for the station and must be kept at a constant operating temperature.  In a similar application, Super Therm® has also been applied to reception tower control buildings for Vodaphone.  Monitered power usage has shown a savings of over 50%. Super Therm® is saving electric power all over the world, including one building in Japan of over 2 million square feet.


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